Friday, December 16, 2011

More Reversible Poems

So at this very moment, Janet Reid is hosting a writing contest on her blog using a suggestion I sent her for a reversible poem (plus an example of a poem I wrote). You can check out the contest here for a limited time only. However, I thought it might be fun to read some of the other reversible poems I wrote, so here are a few more:


She wanted to
send a message to the world.
She bottled it all up.
She took a paper and,
on its side,
the boat,
the house,
the kids.
She just wanted a vacation from
the dull life.
She had escaped,
that time she came
the vessel so.
She had not thought.

She had not thought
the vessel so
that time she came.
She had escaped
the dull life.
She just wanted a vacation from
the kids,
the house.
The boat
on its side.
She took a paper and
she bottled it all up.
Send a message to the world.
She wanted to

Harvest Time

For these young ones,
the world is not long --
a midsummer evening.
The rain falls on and on,
flowers blooming
as violent as
the deep, blood-red river,
as heavy as
the fragments of a soul.
In swift strokes,
the reaper cuts them down.

The reaper cuts them down
in swift strokes,
the fragments of a soul,
as heavy as
the deep, blood-red river,
as violent as
flowers blooming.
The rain falls on. And on
a midsummer evening,
the world is not long
for these young ones.


Ali Trotta said...

Love these. I came through from Janet's blog (LOVE the contest). Thanks for sharing these. :-)

Shaunna said...

I'm glad you liked them. They're such a fun challenge to write -- like solving a mathematical equation, only with words instead of variables.

The Writer Librarian said...

Yes, the reversible poem was so much fun to write! I'd never done one before, but I'll probably try more. And glad you found my blog! If you find yourself in Flag, we should do coffee or something. You can contact me anytime: cloudhime [at]

Angie Larkin said...

I loved reading these! I like the way the poem could mean more or could mean something totally different to me depending on which version I read. I almost always felt more power from the second version...maybe because I was warmed up on the first? :)

Caryn Caldwell said...

Those are great! I love Janet Reid's blog.